My name is Luigia Nigro.

And these are the key elements of my plan.

I am a piano teacher. After graduating from the Conservatory of Ferrara I continued my education, first at CPM in Milan and then at the Conservatory of Bologna, where I graduated at the 1st level in Jazz, Improvisational Music and Music of Our Time. For many years I attended composition and arrangement courses, and I continue to attend masterclasses with renowned Italian musicians. I have been teaching with passion for over 15 years and long ago I realized that traditional teaching methods (such as Beyer’s or Trombone’s) are less and less effective for both students and teachers. This is why I decided to create new exercises that are both more modern and more fun to play.

Thus was born the Easy Piano Book project.

“Easy” because I believe that a gentle learning curve is a precious tool, essential to engage and excite students. Overwork and stressful practicing are legacies of the past; nowadays it is known that learning is enhanced if accessibility and fun form the basis of the teaching method.

Easy Piano Method, Easy Hanon, Easy Piano Dance and Easy Piano Dream are the first titles in the Easy Piano Book series. Many others will follow soon, each with new exercises to play again and again.

Perhaps we will be able to retire some dinosaur…

Have fun!